What is The Effigies Project?

Effigies is literary, visual and edible project.
Each work reinvents recipes from Modernist literature’s most expressive meals. Tinkling between imagined and physical worlds, Effigies test the boundaries of the written word.
Effigies are part tribute, part imitation and transitory.

What form do these Effigies take?

I collaborate with chefs, academics, artists, florists, directors, actors and composers to create immersive performances, dining events, multimedia installations, short films and lectures.
The project fosters interdisciplinary work in the Arts – I bring together young talent from across the creative industries, spearheading each project from its inception, funding, and creation to the final performance.
I’m also working on a book of recipes and short essays which gathers all of these ideas together: Cream Puffs and Gorgonzola Sandwiches: Modernist Fiction’s Finest Dishes.
With the director Sophie Bernberg, we’ve been creating a series of shorts which creates the reinventions from my upcoming book.

Why Modernist Literature?

Modernist literature is concerned with finding new forms of expression. The subjectivity of taste offered writers extraordinary possibilities to represent human voice and thoughts.
Food became a central tenet in the writing of authors such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Ford Maddox Ford.
This was an singular moment in the history of English literature: eating became a means of expression across a whole body of writing.
Like Modernist literature itself, each Effigy tests the relationship between the written word and the body.
Each embodies the Modernist battle-cry uttered by the poet Ezra Pound:
Make It New.

Snippets of Recent Work

Effigies: Two Short Films

On set of our latest short films which recreate two modernist meals: 

 Miss Kilman’s Éclairs’ from Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway

‘Duchemin’s Breakfast’ from Ford Maddox Ford’s Parade’s End

Producer: Rebecca Choong Wilkins
Director: Sophie Bernberg
Director of Photography: Lorenzo Levrini
Production Designer: Marlow Hope
Art Director: Virginia Reina
Lizzie Hiscott as Elizabeth Dalloway
Dave Lanigan as Vincent MacMaster
Nikki Leigh Scott as Mrs Duchemin
Jaki Loudon as Miss Kilman
Padraig Lynch as Mr Duchemin
Assistant Director: Sammy Mendel
Assistant Cameraman: Ben Luoma
Digital Imaging Technician: Peter Kehoe
Gaffer: Chris Broomfield
Sound Recordist: Miguel Rodriguez
Production Coordinator: Lex Ley
Costume and Make-up: Sam Lovatt & Devon Ling



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